Whale Watching on Moreton Island


A lot of people think that when winter descends on the Island it becomes desolate, but that’s not entirely true for a few reasons.

) Obviously Moreton Island is located in the Sunshine State of Queensland; where the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next. So as any Queenslander knows losing the Sun is not an issue in our state.
Secondly we have some pretty majestic visitors during the Winter Months that attract environmental enthusiasts from across the globe.
I’m talking about the annual migration of Australia’s East-Cost Humpback population, These Gentle giants escape the icy waters of Antarctica for the Sub-tropical waters of Far-North Queensland. It is longest migratory journey take on by any Mammal, during this huge migration the Humpback Whales give birth to their young calves.

It is a spectacular sight to see. If you visiting Moreton Island from July to October a Whale Watch is a most do activity. If boats aren’t for you, then the Moreton Island Lighthouse makes for an incredible land based viewing platform to see these gentle giants.

The Whale Watching industry in Moreton bay is quite remarkable in the sense that Moreton Island once operated as the largest on-shore Whale processing plant in the Southern Hemisphere and it is now a much loved Whale Watching destination.

Humpback Whales were hunted to near extinction, Before Whaling began in the 1950’s it was estimated that there were around 70,000 humpbacks making their annual migration along the East-Coast of Australia. It 1965 it was estimated that there were only around 300 humpback whales.

The marine mammals have made a fantastic recovery over the last 40 years. Researchers have estimated that the Humpback whale population has been increasing by approximately 10% each year. This year it is estimated that we have around 20,000 whales migrating past Cape Moreton.

What an amazing transition from Whaling Station to Premier Whale Watching Destination.

If you want to book a Whale Watching tour during your stay at Tangalooma, You can visit the Tours desk. Whale Watching tours depart daily subject to weather conditions and availability at 12:00pm each day. There are also some land based tours available to take you to Cape Moreton to view the Whales from the land.

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