Tangalooma Resort closed to non-guests


The signs have gone up and security will be in place from the 1st Dec, when Tangalooma Resort will be closed to on-guests. This has always been the case after 5.30 pm, but now its been extended too 24/7

Whilst I am not privy to the details of resort management decisions, I am aware of some mitigating circumstances that have forced this change of rules, mainly that they are flat out servicing, feeding and managing their in-house guests, let alone an unknown number of outsiders, be they boaties, jet skiers, backpackers and campers.

I understand that landholders and residents, who access the resort, to commute to and from Brisbane, pick up their guests and purchase groceries at the shop, can approach the resort management and apply for a “pass”

Get more staff you say !! They would if they had accommodation for them, which they are addressing, but you cannot do everything at once. In the meantime, they have staff commuting daily, which is not cost effective and takes up guest seating,,..catch 22

Speaking of seating, I will give you an idea of the number of guest they are talking about….yesterday, Friday, there ware an extra 2000 people onshore from a P & O cruise and I would say some 1000 in-house and day guests. Today, they have 8 Xmas functions and a wedding plus the usual 1000+ other guests !!!

20151128_081621 20151128_081638 (2)Opposite is picture of the first of 2 of 4 boats coming in today, including the Tangalooma Jet that carried some 450 guests. The other picture shows the guests waiting to get back on the boats to return to Brisbane. It seems a never ending flow of tourists.